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Who is Dr. Pashy? Unmasking the Woman Whose Identity Was Stolen By Dr. Nandi

Dr. Patience Ntshani, who is also known as Dr. Pashy, is currently trending after her former friend and industry colleague Nandipha Magudumana was accused of stealing her identity and leaving South Africa with her boyfriend Thabo Bester.

Dr. Nandipha was arrested on April 10th, and it was discovered that she was carrying a fake passport with Dr. Pashy’s identity.

Dr Pashy And Dr Nandi’s Friendship

Dr. Nandipha and Dr. Pashy were thought to be friends, and the latter had even been invited to speak at the former’s medical conference called “Doctors Network Presents” in 2020.

This event was attended by well-known personalities such as Michael Mol, a former Top Billing presenter, and the late Sindi van Zyl.

Furthermore, in the same year, Dr. Pashy hosted a women’s seminar and invited Dr. Nandipha to speak as a guest.

As reported by eNCA, Dr. Pashy went to a local police station to provide an official statement regarding her lost passport and her association with Dr. Nandipha.

Five Things You Probably Did Not Know About Dr. Pashy

Here are five lesser-known details about Dr. Patience “Dr. Pashy” Ntshani, whose identity was allegedly stolen by her friend, Dr. Nandi:

1. Apart from being an outstanding student, during her teenage years, Dr. Pashy was also crowned Miss Harry Oppenheimer High School.

2. Dr. Ntshani, who is the eldest of four siblings, was born in the village of Botlokwa in Limpopo, South Africa, and lived there until the seventh grade. She went on to attend two boarding schools before eventually completing her matriculation at Harry Oppenheimer High School.

3. Following the completion of her Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degrees at Medunsa, Dr. Patience Ntshani pursued a diploma in Anesthesiology with the Colleges of Medicine SA (CMSA) and eventually went on to complete her fellowship with the same organization.

4. Dr. Pashy is married and has a son. Her mother’s name is Maria Ramaremela, and she has a younger brother named Karabo, who earned a Cum Laude Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering.

In 2020, her niece, Mabontle, was born. Sadly, Dr. Pashy’s grandmother, Koko Kgopane, passed away in 2021 at the age of 106.

5. Dr. Pashy has obtained four academic degrees and holds a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degree, a postgraduate Diploma in Anesthesiology (DA), a Fellowship in Anesthesiology (FCA), and a Masters in Anesthesiology (MMED).

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