Why Mohumi Is Flopping On The River

Mohumi Flopping On The River

Why Mohumi Is Flopping On The River

Mohumi Flopping On The River
Why Mohumi Is Flopping On The River

Award-winning actor; Seputla Sebogodi who plays Mohumi on the award-winning novella; The River seems to have lost his touch.

There’s just something missing with his character, there are no fireworks, there’s no magic or spunk. Perhaps we had high expectations for him, perhaps the character is below him, or his storyline is dead.

At times characters overstay their welcome on a show, and then they get dragged for weeks and weeks before they actually exist; I think this is one of those cases.

Mohumi was just as lukewarm when he joined the show because he’s a replica of The General from The Republic. He should’ve left the show on a high note when he held the Dikana’s hostage. The writers should’ve left his character in prison and not dragged his storyline till now.

We all know how the story will end; Lindiwe and Tumi will win because they are The River.

His energy levels are low when he’s with his on-screen daughter; Tumi. The two of them are dragging the show.

So perhaps we shouldn’t have so many scenes of Tumi and Mohumi because they don’t have a connection. When a daughter is seeking her father’s love, she’s supposed to make us believe that and hang onto his every word, but we are not getting that here.

The dragging of the trio; Tumi, Lindiwe and Mohumi has also affected the show’s ratings for December as it’s now the least-watched novella.

Besides the fact that not every South African can afford the DSTV Compact Plus package to access the show, the ratings for November were promising.

With the introduction of Modiri this month, the show might be able to beat the suffocating Isibaya again.

Watch The River on DSTV 1Magic, channel 103, Monday to Friday at 20:00 for more drama!


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