Why Tau Mogale Hasn’t Left Generations

Tau Mogale

Why Tau Mogale Hasn’t Left Generations

When Rapulana Seiphemo left Generations The Legacy for The Queen, his fans on Generations were devastated and saddened by his departure because he’d been playing Tau for more years.

Tau Mogale

They were especially saddened because two other male leads; Smanga Moroka and Gaddafi were also leaving the show.

Rapulana who has been friends with Connie Ferguson and her husband; Shona Ferguson for years was offered the role of Hector Sebata on The Queen. He met Connie on the set of Generations years ago and played her on-screen husband.

While some fans of the show questioned the way Rapulana got the role on the show because of their friendship.

Things haven’t been going well for Rapulana on the show as fans are not convinced or impressed with his character. His character is supposed to be a hard-core, criminal mastermind but Rapulana is failing to deliver.

On Generations The Legacy Tau Mogale had more support unlike on The Queen where the spotlight is only on him.

He was impressive in the beginning because of his wingman; Jaros who got killed.

There are no permanent casts on The Queen because they change their actors all the time. The Queen is a Telenovela whereas Generations is a soapie.

Actors last longer on a soapie than on a Telenovela because of Telenovela’s change characters every season.

Tau Mogale

The Fergusons are also unpredictable as they’ve randomly fired actors that had been with the show since the beginning like; Dineo Langa who played Keabetswe Khoza.

Dineo Langa was supposedly fired from the show because she’d asked for time off to shoot another show. Rami Chuene who was a fan-favorite got fired from the show because she sided with Vatiswa Ndora.

Rapulana is a family man who needs a stable job, hence he’s on both shows. Although he replaced Shona Ferguson who was the police commissioner, nobody knows how long he’ll be on the show regardless of how close he is with the Fergusons.

As Sello Maake ka Ncube who was also close to Connie Ferguson since their days as siblings; Karabo and Archie Moroka on Generations also got fired on The Queen.

Tau Mogale


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