Why Vuyiswa Hasn’t Left The Queen

Why Vuyiswa Hasn't Left The Queen

Why Vuyiswa Hasn’t Left The Queen

Vuyiswa’s loyalty, self-dependence and staying true to her beliefs has contributed a great deal to her standing the test of time on television series The Queen.

Unlike her co-stars who got fired for demanding more money or asking for leaves and ranting over working conditions on the tv series, the actress, born Zandile Msutwana, keeps to herself and avoids fire starters.

Why Vuwiswa hasn't left the queen
Why Vuwiswa hasn’t left the queen

According to close sources, Zandile doesn’t like drama, hates confrontations and arguments, which is why you’ll hardly see in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Even when there were rumors about her and her co-star, Loyiso MacDonald who plays Kagiso having an affair, Zandile never commented. She’s very close to formerY0TV rebellious presenter and former The Queen and Muvhango actress; Khanya Mkangisa who is Boity former BFF. She supports Khanva privately through all her wilderness and never talks badly about her on social media.

She’s not married, nobody knows who she’s dating because she’s private and can’t have kids. The 41- year-old revealed in an interview last year that she has polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) which prevents her from having kids.

Her desire not to be a people pleaser may not have given her much fame, but she apparently wouldn’t trade anything for her authenticity.

The real reason Vuyiswa hasn’t left The Queen yet is that she’s not fussy about big pay-cheques or landing in big blockbuster movies and keeps to herself and her job. She’s apparently a very peaceful person to work with and that’s why she’s still on The Queen.

The Ferguson’s apparently love working with her because of her talent, personality and she doesn’t give them grief about anything. They love employees who keep to themselves and do their jobs.

She and Loyiso are a lot alike and get on well as colleagues; they just do their lines and go home.

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