Zimbabwean Prophet Costa TitchCosta Titch x Prophet Mellontik Orasi x AKA (Image: Costa Titch/Prophet Mellontik Orasi/AKA/Facebook)

Zimbabwean Prophet Startling Revelation: Costa Titch Responded Like AKA To Death Warning

Prophet Mellontik Orasi, a well-known religious leader from Zimbabwe, recently reminded his followers of a prophecy he delivered after Costa Titch died.

On the 2nd of this month, Orasi said that a famous South African musician would die soon.

Zimbabwean Prophet Costa Titch
Costa Titch and AKA-Image Source(Instagram)

Sadly, one week later, Costa Tsobanoglou (known as Costa Titch) died at a music festival in Johannesburg on Saturday night.

It is not yet known exactly what caused Costa Titch’s death, but it is thought that it may have been due to a seizure caused by the flashing lights at a festival in Johannesburg.

The Nkalakhatha hitmaker had epilepsy, a medical condition that affects the brain and causes seizures. Photosensitive epilepsy is when a person has a seizure due to flashing lights or a pattern of light and dark that changes quickly.

Prophet Mellontik Orasi shared a picture from his prediction on the 2nd of this month, although he didn’t mention Costa Titch by name.

The Zimbabwean preacher said he had tried to talk to a musician, but the musician was sure that Christianity was a myth.

Taking to his Facebook page, Prophet Mellontik Orasi wrote:

“South Africa will lose another big artist due to dark places problems.

If the artist seeks God they will be delivered and their soul preserved, just had a Skype call with the artist who remain adamant Christianity is a myth

Seek God.”

Costa Titch reacted in a way that was similar to what his mentor, AKA, did in the past. AKA ridiculed Prophet Mellontik Orasi’s message.

Before showing a screenshot of a prophecy he had made earlier, Prophet Mellontik Orasi warned South African singers to seek Jesus and be saved.

“I have warned people to in music industry in South Africa to Seek Jesus,” Prophet Mellontik Orasi wrote.