Zodwa Wabantu-Image Source(Instagram)Zodwa Wabantu-Image Source(Instagram)

Zodwa Wabantu Responds To Trolls Addressing Financial Situation After Viral Video

Zodwa Wabantu Responds To Rumours About Her Finances

Zodwa Wabantu, a famous dancer, has spoken out about rumours claiming she is experiencing financial difficulties. While she admits that she isn’t receiving as many bookings as she used to, she claims that reports about her dire situation are greatly exaggerated.

Zodwa Wabantu-Image Source(Instagram)
Zodwa Wabantu-Image Source(Instagram)

She explains that she has chosen to invest her time and money in her calling and only accepts events that align with her current interests. Zodwa said that she is now very picky regarding the bookings she accepts.

Zodwa wabantu puts rumours to rest after Viral Video

Recently, A photo of Zodwa Wabantu performing at a questionable drinking establishment went viral on social media, leading to stories about her financial situation. People said the dancer was now broke and performing for anyone who asked for her services.

Zodwa Wabantu-Image Source(Instagram)
Zodwa Wabantu-Image Source(Instagram)

However, Zodwa Wabantu says she is unbothered by criticism from social media users, as they help make her famous. She says that she has danced in even more questionable places in the past and that those are her real fans. The dancer also talked about her humble beginnings whe she was performing at the dingiest places.

In her statement to Zimoja, Zodwa said:

Hay, that’s nothing skhokho, I’ve danced at dodgier places before. Those are my real fans. That is where I make my money. These people understand and support me. I have been dunusing for a long time. I was in Nelspruit, emagashagasheni. It’s a good picture, it makes me trend. It’s who I am. My pu%&y makes me trend,”

Zodwa Wabantu concludes the interview by stating that she does not live for approval from social media but rather from her ancestors and God.

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