Woman Caught Mapona Beach20-Year-Old Woman Caught Having Mapona At A Public Beach, Jumps Into The Water [Image: X]

A public beach in Naples, Florida, became the scene of a controversial incident on Monday afternoon when 20-year-old woman was caught having mapona.

Allyssia Razo and her boyfriend attempted to evade police by jumping into the water.


Woman Caught Having Mapona At A Public Beach

Reports flooded the Naples Police Department around 4:30 p.m. about a man and woman seen behind the locked gate of a historic pier, reportedly having mapona. Officers quickly responded to the scene where they found Razo and 23-year-old Zadok Westfield still in the act.

As police arrived, Razo and Westfield hurriedly tried to dress themselves. Razo, ignoring officers’ instructions to stay put, dashed to the edge of the pier and jumped into the water. However, her attempt to flee was short-lived as beach patrol officers promptly apprehended her as soon as she reached shore.

Meanwhile, Westfield, who was completely n_ked when police arrived, complied with authorities and remained at the scene. He explained to officers that he and Razo had initially planned to jump off the pier but ended up engaging in s_xual activity instead.

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Witnesses Express Disgust

Woman Caught Mapona Beach
20-Year-Old Woman Caught Having Mapona At A Public Beach, Jumps Into The Water [Image: New York Post]


A witness, enjoying the beach nearby with her four children aged 7 to 15, reported seeing Razo and Westfield bare in the public area, prompting uncomfortable questions from her minors about their actions.

Both Razo and Westfield were charged with trespassing and disturbing the peace. Razo faced an additional charge of resisting arrest without violence. They were taken into custody but bailed out the same day.

The pier, stretching approximately 1,000 feet into the Gulf of Mexico, has been partially accessible to visitors since sustaining severe damage from Hurricane Ian in 2022.

The incident has sparked local debate and concern over public decency and appropriate behavior in public spaces, especially during busy holidays. Authorities have emphasized the importance of respecting public property and adhering to legal boundaries to maintain community standards and safety.

By Rumpel