8-Year-Old Girl Moria Accident8-Year-Old Girl Who Survived Moria Bus Accident Recovering Well In Hospital [Image: Facebook/New York Times]

 Sole Survivor of Tragic ZCC Bus Accident Struggles with Memory Loss on Path to Recovery

In the wake of the devastating ZCC bus accident that claimed the lives of 45 people, a glimmer of hope emerges with the sole survivor—an eight-year-old girl. However, her journey to recovery faces a significant hurdle as she grapples with memory loss resulting from the accident.

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8-Year-Old Survivor Battles Memory Loss Following Tragic ZCC Bus Accident

The incident occurred when the bus, carrying members of the St. Engenas ZCC from Molepolole, Botswana, to Moria for the Easter Pilgrimage in Podingwana, veered off a cliff near Mmamatlakala, between Mokopane and Marken in Limpopo, before bursting into flames.

The young survivor, Lauryn Siako, who was with her grandmother at the time of the accident, was admitted to Mokopane Hospital with severe injuries, including temporary memory loss.

According to Zimoja, Lauryn Siako suffered temporary memory loss as a result of the accident. While she recalls events from Botswana, her recollection of the crash remains elusive. Medical experts, including attending psychologists, have assured that her memory is expected to gradually return over time.

Miracle Survivor of Tragic Bus Accident Set to Be Discharged, Recovery Continues

In a glimmer of hope amidst the tragedy, Lauryn Siako, the sole survivor of the devastating Limpopo bus crash, is on track to be discharged from Mokopane Hospital this week, according to Limpopo Department of Health MEC, Dr Phophi Ramathuba.

MEC Ramathuba, accompanied by Botswana’s High Commissioner, Dr. Sanji Monageng, paid a visit to Lauryn Siako on Saturday, expressing satisfaction with her physical recovery. However, they acknowledged the long road ahead in addressing the psychological trauma she has experienced. The MEC highlighted that once the medical team deems her ready for discharge, she will be handed over to the Department of Health in Botswana for continued care.

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Identification Process Underway for Victims of Tragic Bus Accident as Families Seek Closure

Concurrently, preparations are underway to identify and repatriate the remains of the 45 individuals who tragically lost their lives in the accident. With 31 women and 15 men on board, the process of identification is ongoing. So far, 41 body bags have been received, but it remains uncertain how many deceased individuals they contain. The MEC confirmed that nine remains have been positively identified, with six families already coming forward to make identifications.

In collaboration with the South African Police Service, the Botswana police have collected blood samples from relatives of the victims to aid in the identification process. Given the complexity of the task, the police have cautioned that the identification process may take some time to conclude, emphasizing their commitment to conducting thorough DNA sample analysis.


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