‘Abusers Merged’: Jub Jub And Emtee’s Collab Gets Social Media Talking

‘Abusers Merged’: Jub Jub And Emtee’s Collab Gets Social Media Talking

Musician, reality TV host, and former convict, Molemo “Jub Jub” Maarohanye, recently revealed the cover art for his upcoming song with rapper Mthembeni “Emtee” Ndevu.

Despite the excitement expressed by many fans of the duo over their collaboration, a majority of people have criticized the cover art as creepy and trolled the pair for it.

The song, which is called Soldier, features a cover art of the two of their faces merged together to make one face.

It seems that Jub Jub, the former presenter of Uyajola 99, is currently taking a break from television in order to concentrate on his music career.

The controversial musician shared the cover art for a song which features Roll Up hitmaker Emtee.

Rather than expressing excitement for the new music, many Twitter users have chosen to troll Jub Jub and Emtee for the cover art of their upcoming song.

The photo features a merged image of their faces, which has elicited negative reactions from many.


Although there were a few people who found the artwork to be acceptable, the majority of people have criticized it as somewhat eerie and poorly thought out.

“Two abusers on an ugly cover😒😒 then y’all say karma doesn’t exist,” wrote one app user about the artwork while another added:

“The amount of controversy between you two should’ve have told you guys that this would be a bad idea”

Other tweeps tried to fix the artwork by adding their own creativity to the mix while on guy wrote how the “bad artwork” has gotten the pair a lot of free marketing.


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