Emtee and his Nicole-Image Source(Instagram)Emtee and his Nicole-Image Source(Instagram)

Emtee’s GBV case postponed after pregnant wife files for withdrawal

The gender-based violence case against South African rapper Emtee has reportedly been postponed after his pregnant wife Nicole Chinsamy filed for withdrawal. Emtee, who is accused of GBV by his baby mama, appeared in court on April 25 with the support of fellow stars Sjava and Ruff and his family.

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Emtee-Image Source(Instagram)

Nicole accuses Emtee of abuse on social media

Nicole accused Emtee of abusing her when she was seven months pregnant, taking to social media to share her story.  She went live on social media and went on a rant about how Emtee had beaten her on Valentine’s Day.  Nicole also showed bruises on her body where she claimed that the rapper hit her.

Emtee denied the allegations, claiming he would never lay a hand on a woman or anyone else for that matter. He even went further to say that her wife would call her family to hit him. Emtee said that his in-laws never loved him ever since he joined their family.

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Emtee’s mother promises truth will be revealed on the GBV case

Emtee-Image Source(Instagram)
Emtee-Image Source(Instagram)

Emtee’s mother, Phathiswa Ndevu, promised that the truth about the alleged abuse would be revealed soon. She said that the real victim would be revealed and that it was wrong to use something like this to tarnish Emtee’s image forever.

Emtee accused Nicole of GBV in 2020

This is not the first time the family has been embroiled in GBV drama. In 2020, Emtee accused Nicole of abusing him and even claimed that his family was involved too. He expressed frustration at having to protect himself from those who claim to love him.

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Emtee’s social media account deactivated

Emtee recently claimed that his Instagram account, which he had just regained after months of trying, was deactivated by Nicole, leaving him back to square one.


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