Emtee and his Nicole-Image Source(Instagram)Emtee and his Nicole-Image Source(Instagram)

“I Ain’t Do No Fighting”-Emtee Pours Cold Water On Abuse Claims

South African rapper Emtee has responded to allegations made by his wife, who accused him of assaulting her while she was 7 months pregnant. The allegations were made public in a viral video.

Nicole went on social media to accuse Emtee of physical abuse while she was pregnant. She shared pictures of herself with bruises that she claimed were from the beating that Emtee gave her on Valentine’s day. Many social media users sympathized with Nicole and have been calling out Emtee to address the allegations.

Emtee-Image Source(Instagram)
Emtee-Image Source(Instagram)

Emtee denied assaulting his wife, stating that he is all about motivation, love, and honor. He also said that he has never laid his hands on a woman or assaulted anyone.

Emtee denies Abuse Claims by his Wife Nicole

In the Tweet Emteee says:

“I’m all about motivation, love and honour. The fuck I look like putting my hands on a woman. On anyone for that matter”

In a series of tweets, Emtee claimed that his wife and mother-in-law never liked him and that he doesn’t fight. He also revealed that he had done three shows the previous night and returned home to find himself locked out of his own house. The rapper went on to say that after all that his in-laws still make him look like the bad guy.

Since a lil nigga they never liked me…They always looking for someone to blame…Whether I’m doing the right thing…Boss man I ain’t doing no fighting.”

Did 3 shows last night. Haven’t slept, and I’m locked out of my own house, and I’m the bad guy!?

While Emtee denies the allegations, his wife has reportedly filed a case of assault against him at a local police station.

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