AKA in the United States (Image Credit: AKA/Instagram)

K.O, the musician who made SETE, is tired of people on social media trying to figure out who was responsible for the death of rapper AKA.

Since AKA and his friend Tebello Motsoane were killed in Durban last Friday, social media users have been looking at leaked CCTV footage and trying to figure out who ordered a hit on AKA. They have been discussing the possibilities and giving out the names of people they think might be responsible.

K.O has had enough of people on social media trying to figure out who killed AKA.

 His name has been listed among possible suspects.

Social media detectives also suggested that Lusasa “Saso” Ngcobo, Don Design and DJ Benny Maverick may have been involved in the killing of AKA.

AKA Death
K.O warns social media detectives after being implicated in AKA’s death  (Image: TimesLive)

On Tuesday, the Caracara rapper shared a video on Twitter of him and AKA in the studio. He revealed that they were working on their first song for the upcoming collaborative album. 

“Exactly seven days ago, AKA and myself were in the studio recording a precursor single to our long overdue collaborative tape. Seven days later, I can’t believe I’m here making this post. Rest in heaven, dear friend, king, legend, icon, GOAT. Love you for life,” the rapper wrote.

K.O warned social media users who were trying to figure out what happened on the day AKA’s murdered. He said that his lawyer had already contacted some individuals who have listed his name among suspects responsible for killing AKA. 

“Stop playing with innocent people’s names and lives for clout unless you have proven facts and motive. My lawyers rightfully summoned one of you already. We’re all hurting and mourning, but don’t spice up your ‘grief’ and public spats with my name for the sake of trending,” K.O warned.