Nadia, Kairo and ZinhleNadia Nakai, Kairo Forbes and DJ Zinhle-Image Source(Instagram)

AKA’s Girlfriend Nadia Nakai and Baby Mama DJ Zinhle Unite with Forbes Family After His Death

Following the death of popular South African rapper AKA, his girlfriend Nadia Nakai and baby mama DJ Zinhle have found reasons to come together with the Forbes family. In recent photos shared on social media, the family can be seen posing together.

AKA, whose real name is Kiernan Forbes, was shot dead alongside his friend Tibz on Florida Road in Durban on the 10th of February 2023. The incident has been widely believed to be a well-plotted hit. However, the police have assured the public that the investigation into the rapper’s death is still ongoing.

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Nadia Nakai and DJ Zinhle with the Forbes Family

Screenshot of Lynn's post
Nadia and DJ Zinhle with Forbes family-Image Source(Instagram)

AKA’s father Tony, mother, Lynn, grandmother, girlfriend, Nadia Nakai, and ex-girlfriend and mother of the late rapper’s child, DJ Zinhle, recently posted family photos they took together. Captioning the post, Nadia wrote, “What is Collateral Beauty? The very idea of collateral beauty is that no matter how dark or how difficult the time is, there is something beautiful that is happening right there. You just have to look.”

Despite the circumstances, DJ Zinhle claimed in a recent Instagram Live that she has maintained close contact with Nadia and AKA’s family even after the rapper died. She explained that she understood they needed each other for support, and her biggest role was to support their daughter Kairo, saying, “As long as my husband is OK with how I’m grieving, then I don’t have to explain myself to anyone. I don’t ever want there to be a time where Kairo can say I didn’t say anything about her dad…”

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Investigation into AKA’s Death Still Ongoing

The death of AKA was a shock to the South African music industry and his fans worldwide. Since his death, many people have been trying to understand what led to his untimely demise. However, the police have not released any information on suspects or motives for the shooting.


AKA-Image Source(Instagram)
AKA-Image Source(Instagram)

The rapper was an influential figure in the music industry, and his death has left a significant void. Despite the ongoing investigation, AKA’s family, friends, and fans continue to remember him for the impact he made on the music scene and the positive influence he had on many people’s lives.

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