Amapiano Star Kamo Mphela Defends Herself As The Zamani Mbatha Drama Continues Amapiano Star Kamo Mphela Defends Herself As The Zamani Mbatha Drama Continues 

Amapiano Star Kamo Mphela Defends Herself As The Zamani Mbatha Cheating Drama Continues 

Amapiano artist and choreographer, Kamo Mphela has come forward to defend herself after getting embroiled in the Zamani Mbatha cheating scandal.

Actor and Influencer Zamani Mbatha who was in a relationship with the daughter of actress Benda Mhlongo, and YouTuber and influencer, Snikiwe Mhlongo found himself trending on social media for all the wrong reasons on Wednesday.

All this drama followed after Snikiwe found Zamani in bed with another woman and she exposed the actor on social media with videos and pictures as proof.

As news of Zamani Mbatha’s unfaithfulness began to circulate, it didn’t take long for additional accounts to emerge regarding his history of infidelity during the six years he was supposed to be in an exclusive relationship with Snikiwe.

Snikiwe Mhlongo x Zamani Mbatha
Snikiwe Mhlongo x Zamani Mbatha ( Image Credit : @snimhlongo/ @PhilMphela)

The disclosed information was quite alarming, with reports suggesting that Zamani was so open about his infidelity that he would often drive around in Snikiwe’s vehicle with his alleged girlfriends.

It appeared that Snikiwe was the only one unaware of Zamani’s unfaithful ways, as it seemed like everyone else knew he was a habitual cheater except her.

Later on, a video of Kamo Mphela and Zamani chatting on an Instagram Live session went viral.

In the particular clip, Kamo appeared to state that she had no interest in Zamani because she had observed his tendency to pursue multiple romantic partners.

Zamani seemed taken aback by this admission as evidenced by his “surprised” expression in the video.

Following the video’s circulation, there were insinuations that Kamo might have previously been romantically involved with Zamani, ZAlebs reports.

However, Kamo addressed these speculations on Twitter, clarifying that the video was from two years ago and subtly implying that she had never engaged in any romantic relationship with Zamani.

She wrote:

Y’all always squeeze me in somehow .
That was 2 years ago rest 😐

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