Anele Father AKANellie Tembe's Father x Nellie x AKA [Image: Jabulani Langa/Daily Sun/Instagram/@akaworldwide]

Anele Tembe’s Father Restricted From Attending AKA’s Funeral 

There appears to be growing conflict between the family of South African musician AKA and the family of his late girlfriend Anele Tembe after the couple’s tragic deaths.

Anele Father AKA
AKA in the United States (Image Credit: AKA/Instagram)

On Saturday, February 18th, rapper AKA was laid to rest in a private ceremony at Heroes Acres in Westpark Cemetery in Johannesburg. The private ceremony was attended by AKA’s family members, friends, and co-workers.

However, it was reported that AKA’s family restricted Moses Tembe, the father of AKA’s deceased fiancée, from attending AKA’s funeral.

According to the Sunday World, Anele Tembe’s father wanted to pay his last respects to AKA the ex-lover of Nelie, but the Forbes family blue-ticked his request.

A source quoted by the publication claimed that AKA’s family told Moses Tembe that they were busy.

“They simply told him that they were busy,” said the source.

The source revealed how AKA’s family reacted when news came out that the Tembe family accused AKA of killing Anele.

The source further revealed that AKA’s family was agitated with the Tembes for questioning the National Prosecuting Authority’s decision not to charge AKA with Anele’s murder while they are still grieving over the rapper’s death.

“They believe the timing of the statements were not good as they were still mourning the untimely death of their beloved one,” said the source.

The fight between the Forbes and Tembe families isn’t nearly finished yet. The Tembes think AKA is responsible for Anele’s death and are doing whatever they can to ensure justice is served.

On the other side, Anele’s father is also being accused of orchestrating the assassination of AKA, revenging the death of his daughter.