Spar Employee SuicideSpar Employee In Uniform [Image: X]

Social media users are expressing disgust over the viral video of a Spar Supermarket employee who was doing tlof tlof in her uniform.


Video Of Spar Employee Causes A Rave On Social Media

The shameless shop worker took a brief break from her responsibilities and decided to get some relief.

She then went to the restroom where she strangely switched on her phone camera. The Spar employee then lowered her jeans, showing her kuku in full glare. As she sat down, she gave herself a wild time, unfazed that her face was all over the place.

Reports suggest that the company has since fired her for putting its name into disrepute.

Click here to watch the infuriating video.

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“Someone Betrayed Her”

Video Spar Employee Uniform
Anger Over Viral Tlof Tlof Video Of Spar Employee In Uniform [Image: X]


Social media users expressed reservations over the Spar employee for her unprofessionalism. Check out some of their mixed sentiments below.


“But l’m surprised that the board members have sat down to watch this as evidence, so to give the conclusion to fire her🙌” 


“Someone she “trusted” betrayed her! 😭😭😭poor girl🥺” 


“This will be old news in a few days and someone else will be trending. Keep your head up sweetheart. Tlogelang go romela di bari nice things.” 

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“After she is going to serve us food🍲🙄🙄🙄Hey @My_SPAR your silence is defeating. If you can do your thorough work you can track this person down.” 


“I’m never buying cucumber at Spar again. The employees are h_rny.”


“Which Spar is this tog… maybe security at tha door can give me a name and address… Go Botlhokwa.. Go Urgent…”


“Spar is right to fire her , The is a rules for the uniform people must respect Uniforms and rules.” 


“Please stop dis cause you putting spar image down because of someone Hu made a mistake. She is the mother of someone pls stop it. What if her child sees it come

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