Cindy Makhathini Tlof PicturesSlay Queen Cindy Makhathini Breaks The Internet With Her New 2024 Tlof Tlof Pictures [Image: X]

Slay queen Cindy Makhathini has caused a buzz online after her new tlof tlof pictures made it onto the internet.


So Much Drama…

Cindy Makhathini has been trending since the last part of 2023. She caused a rave among South Africans when she dropped a video in the #CeilingChallenge. She donned white revealing clothes and gyrated her jelly nyash, leaving men excited.

Last week, she evoked rage as people accused her of having tlof tlof with an underage boy. Pictures went viral showing her lying in bed looking bare together with the boy.

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The socialite and club host explained that she has been having a thing with the boy, Teddy, for a while now. She also revealed that he is 19 years old and was 18 on the day they took the viral pictures.

Cindy Makhathini is 24 years old.

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Cindy Makhathini Goes Viral Over 2024 Tlof Tlof Images

The slay queen seems to love stoking controversy, and she has struck again. Pictures are circulating online showing her parading her body.


Cindy Makhathini Tlof Pictures
Slay Queen Cindy Makhathini Breaks The Internet With Her New 2024 Tlof Tlof Pictures [Image: X]


Cindy went into her bathroom and decided to show it all. In one picture, her hand covered her twins and her kuku, though it left a portion of it visible. In another photo, she turned around to show her BBL nyash and a massive tattoo on the back. Click here to watch her tlof tlof pictures.


Mzansi Drags Cindy Makhathini

South Africans on X expressed mixed sentiments as Cindy Makhathini went viral again over her 2024 tlof tlof pictures.


“Early last year or before I told her she would end up like this🤣😂🤣, I knew what she would become.”


“Ikhekhe liyabasebenzela labantwana.”


“0% self-respect.”


“She was a ticking time bomb; her n_udes were just a matter of time.”

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