Musa, wife and AndileMusa Mthombeni, Liesl and Andile Ncube-Image Source(Instagram)

Another Dodgy SA Doctor? Musa Mthombeni Gets Trolled By Friend Andile Ncube Pver His Profession

South African sports presenter Andile Ncube has recently taken a jab at his friend, Musa Mthombeni, and his profession as a doctor. Ncube and Mthombeni are known for throwing shade at each other on social media, but Ncube’s recent tweet has caused some controversy.

Andile’s tweet about Musa’s profession

Ncube tweeted, “Since we are looking into doctors right now, someone please put a microscope on that Musa guy. How the hell did he get that girl?!?” The tweet seems to be a reference to Mthombeni’s marriage to former Miss South Africa, Liesl Laurie. Musa has previously been trolled for marrying a beauty queen.

Andile at Musa's wedding
Musa and Andile at Musa’s wedding-Image Source(Instagram)

Musa’s response

Musa Mthombeni took the jab in his stride and responded to Ncube’s tweet, saying “Andile, my brother! Don’t do this! I’m honestly just a sweet and innocent young man from the Vaal. I mean no harm. I do no harm. I’m just a nice guy”.

Fans’ reactions

Musa and Andile
Musa and Andile Ncube-Image Source(Instragram)

While those who know both Andile and Musa understood their banter, others called out the Metro FM Sports Night Live presenter for disrespecting his friend. Some fans said they wouldn’t like to have a friend like Andile, and others stated that friends don’t joke like this. One fan also said that Mthombeni should protect his wife and not use her as a joke.

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Musa Mthombeni is a South African medical doctor, television presenter, and actor. He is best known for his work as a presenter on SABC1’s YoTV and a medical doctor on SABC3’s medical talk show, “The Real Goboza”. Andile Ncube is a South African radio and television presenter and actor. He is best known for his work on the South African music show, “Jika Majika”.

By Letho