Makhadzi and BeyonceMakhadzi's Beyonce lookalike outfits-Image Source(Instagram)

South African Songbird Makhadzi Laughs at Her Beyonce-Lookalike Outfit

South African singer Makhadzi is known for her exceptional voice and has gained both local and international success. However, her fashion sense hasn’t quite reached the same level. Recently, the singer decided to poke fun at herself by sharing a photo of her wearing a golden feathered onesie on Twitter. Makhadzi hinted that her outfit was inspired by one of megastar Beyonce Knowles’ looks and promised to explain it later.

Makhadzi’s Fashion Sense

Makhadzi, who hails from Limpopo, has built an impressive music empire despite her humble beginnings. Her voice has wowed millions of people, but her fashion sense has been criticized in the past. The recent Twitter post is evidence of that. While Makhadzi’s music career is soaring, her fashion sense has yet to reach five-star status.

Makhadzi in her outfit
Makhadzi-Image Source(Instagram)

Makhadzi Announces Her Zambia and UK Tour

In addition to sharing her photo, Makhadzi also announced her upcoming tour in Zambia and the UK. She’ll be in Zambia from May 6, with more dates to be added, and in the UK from May 20, with more dates to come. Fans were excited to hear the news and shared their enthusiasm on social media.

Twitter Users Troll Makhadzi Over Her Outfit

Makhadzi’s Twitter followers were quick to react to her photo, with many users trolling the singer for her outfit choice. While some found it funny, others criticized her fashion sense, leaving comments about how her outfit was a fashion fail.

“Makhadzi mastered these toxic Twitter streets. You literally dragged yourself and left no door open for keyboard warriors,” wrote one user, who appreciated the singer’s ability to laugh at herself.

Makhadzi perfoming-Image Source(Instagram)

While Makhadzi’s music career continues to shine, her fashion sense remains a topic of debate among fans. While some may not be fans of her recent golden feathered onesie, others appreciate her ability to laugh at herself and not take things too seriously. Regardless, the singer continues to make waves in the music industry and her upcoming tour is sure to be a hit.

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