Grootman Leaking Gcinile VideoGrootman Accused Of Deliberately Leaking His Mapona Video With Ex-Girlfriend Gcinile Twala [Image: X]

Social media users have accused influencer Grootman of deliberately leaking his mapona video with ex-girlfriend Gcinile Twala.


The Mapona Video Of Grootman and Gcinile Twala

A video leaked online earlier today depicting Grootman, whose real name is Themba Selahle, engaging in raunchy mapona with his then-girlfriend Gcinile.

The couple was having a rowdy moment together, bare, and everything was in full view of the public. In the video, Grootman was holding the phone in front of a mirror as Gcinile ate greedily. Later, they sat down separately, servicing themselves till they dripped bodily fluids.

The video left people with mixed emotions. Check the mapona clip below.

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The Love Story That Never Was

Grootman and Gcinile had a public relationship, and social media users had a fair share of the tea. Whenever the forex trader bought the influencer something big, the two made it a point to post it.


Grootman Leaking Gcinile Video
Grootman Accused Of Deliberately Leaking His Mapona Video With Ex-Girlfriend Gcinile Twala [Image: Instagram]


Their love seemed so solid that Grootman tattooed Gcinile’s face on his hand while the influencer inked his name on her chest. The couple took their love a notch up and engaged.

However, this May, they split, and Grootman threw Gcinile out of his home. He charged her to return the engagement ring and everything he bought during their relationship. Everything played out in the public’s glare.


Mzansi Accuses Grootman Of Leaking The Mapona Video With Gcinile Twala

People on the internet are fingering the forex trader for deliberately leaking the video to embarrass his ex.

Last week, X influencer @Am_Blujay revealed that someone was trying to get him to share Gcinile’s video. The ghost account DMed:

“I have s_x tapes of a silly influencer girl that lives a fake life (Gcinile Twala) that I want you to leak as her Mother’s Day gift.”

Today, @Am_Blujay revealed:

“You can’t really say someone hacked Grootman’s iCloud when he has been trying by all means to get that s_x tape leaked.”

People are baying for Grootman’s blood for deliberately leaking his video with Gcinile.


“It’s about time MAN grow up, accept and move on when a relationship fails. Woman, stop filming yourself. Every relationship does hit rock bottom.”


“Nobody hacked him except himself.”


“Exactly. Grootmaan exposed himself here. This man must be made an example in jail and ride bicycles on walls. Gcinile must take this seriously for the sake of her protection.”

By Rumpel