Methodist Pastor's Former Wife Queen Nandi Explains Why She Dumped Her Husband For The Streets [Image: Facebook]

Methodist pastor’s former wife, viral Queen Nandi, has explained why she dumped her husband to go back into the streets.


From The Church To The Streets

The reality TV star who starred in the reality show Pastors’ Wives divorced her husband, Methodist Church pastor Reverend Mawuzole Mlombi. The couple had held it down for 15 years, with six children.

Since the divorce, Queen Nandi, born Nandipha Mlombi, has been living a “free” life on the streets. She even has a social media profile picture wearing a bikini with a massive tattoo on her back.

Last year, she caused a rave after swearing at people for denigrating her over having many children. She slammed the people for judging her, calling them “mixed veg” for having many baby daddies.

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Methodist Pastor’s Former Wife Queen Nandi Explains Why She Dumped Her Husband

Pastor's Wife Queen Nandi
Methodist Pastor’s Former Wife Queen Nandi Explains Why She Dumped Her Husband For The Streets [Image: Facebook]


Queen Nandi recently spoke to DRUM and detailed how her 15-year marriage failed. She also revealed that life has been good since the separation:

“I am tired. I do not know where he lives. My kids are my priority, and my focus is on making sure that they are okay. I am currently working on a TV show. God has really been good. Umendo wam awupheliswanga by anything I did or did not do. I was a good wife. Our separation had nothing to do with me as a wife. That institution broke up a happy home.”

Last year, the Methodist authorities gave Reverend Mlombi’s circuit in Bedfordview to a new pastor. The Church even chucked the family out of the Methodist house.

After the Pastor became unemployed, problems began simmering in their marriage.

“This thing was starting to drain and strain the relationship. [Being] unemployed really messes with people, especially men. So this thing has also affected him and his ability to provide, which obviously affected him on a personal level, too. I thought we should call it quits and help him. We had to have a ‘let’s be realistic here’ kind of conversation.”

The Methodist Church then made the Pastor choose between keeping his job or his troublesome wife:

“We did not fight. He was caught between marriage and the church. I also did not want to be the person who takes him away from the church. I met him at church. He was called at the early age of 17. Church is all he knows, so I cannot take him away from that.

“What this has left me with is that I do not think that I like the god they pray to. They are breaking up families. The church told him to choose between keeping his job and keeping his marriage, and he chose the church.”

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