Babes Wodumo reveals pregnancyBabes Wodumo reveals pregnancy

Gqom queen Babes Wodumo has been accused of not taking the health of her unborn baby seriously, by drinking and smoking.

Babes Wodumo and her husband Mampintsha surprised fans last week, when they announced that they were expecting their first baby.

The musical couple had kept their pregnancy a secret until Babes Wodumo showed up at her birthday party at Eyadini Lounge in Durban, in a tight dress which showed off her baby bump.

She is believed to be about 5 to 6 months pregnant and the couple have not revealed the gender of the baby yet.

A friend of the couple confirmed that they were sworn to secrecy by the couple about the pregnancy, before it was announced.

“We were told to keep it shut until they come out with it. Even though we were strictly directed not to, pictures were taken at her birthday party and made it online. They still don’t want to talk about it until they are ready,”

Babes Wodumo partying while pregnant
Babes Wodumo partying while pregnant

Babes Wodumo Accused Of Drinking And Smoking Despite Pregnancy

However there are some concerns that Babes hasn’t been taking care of herself and her baby as she ought to.

A friend revealed that she is still quite the party girl and suggested that maybe it’s not a good idea, considering her condition.

“She has a late-night gig in Durban on Friday and she will be there with her entourage, dancing, singing and partying away. We are concerned that she is not cautious enough at this stage of her pregnancy,”

In a video, Babes Wodumo was seen drinking some bubbly, which seemed to be of the alcoholic variety.

In another video, she was spotted smoking the fumes of a hookah.

Babes Wodumo Drinking

Babes Wodumo and Mampintsha decided to get married in December after a long and tumultuous relationship which was haunted by domestic abuse and hints of toxicity.

However, it seems all is good on the home front between the two and they have decided to start a family.

By Letho