Boity Shows Off Her Sangoma Gift

Boity Shows Sangoma Gift

Boity Shows Off Her Sangoma Gift

Mzansi’s sangoma rapper and businesswoman, Boitumelo ‘Boity’ Thulo shocked many a few days ago when she used her sangoma gifts to see a friend’s pregnancy.

Boity went on popular content creator and brand strategist, Siya Bunny’s DM and foretold that she was pregnant.

To her surprise, tests came back the next day showing that she was indeed a few months pregnant.

Sangomas are known well know in traditional African religion as seers. They can heal one’s spiritual, emotional and physical pain. But above all, they can also foretell what is set to happen in life.

Boity is one such popular Mzansi personality with the gift.

While many had never heard or seen her perform her duties; a recent revelation by Siya Bunny on her Instagram stories proved that she indeed is gifted in accurate foretelling.

Taking to Instagram, Siya broke the news;

“… and then a week later I get a DM from Boity, the sangoma rapper, Boity is like, girl you is pregnant,” she said.

Boity embraced her calling way back in 2016. She went through all the initiation and graduation stages of ubungoma, hence, she can now practice.

She broke the news in 2016 during a live radio interview with DJ Fresh where she revealed that she goes by the name Boitumelo Thuso when it comes to her Sangoma practices.

Mzansi was shocked to learn that she can indeed accurately foretell.

“Boity randomly dm’ing Siya bunny to tell her she’s pregnant and the test coming back positive is something else, I’m going to need just 10 minutes of her time,” one of her fans reacted on Twitter.


Boity Shows Off Her Sangoma Gift



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