Babes Wodumo Criticizes Gayton MacKenzie for Using Late Husband's Name for VotesBabes Wodumo Criticizes Gayton MacKenzie for Using Late Husband's Name for Votes (Image Credit: The Sunday World)

South African musician Babes Wodumo has condemned President of the Patriotic Alliance Gayton MacKenzie for exploiting her late husband’s name, Mampintsha.

In a passionate stance against political manipulation, Babes Wodumo has taken a firm stance in defence of her late husband’s honour, Mampintsha, and criticized politicians for exploiting his name for votes.

This comes after Gayton Mackenzie used Mampintsha’s name as a political talking point during a recent funeral.

Babes Wodumo Defends Mampintsha's Honor
Babes Wodumo Defends Mampintsha’s Honor (Image Credit: News24)

Gayton MacKenzie Under Fire for Using Mampintsha’s Name for Political Gain

During a eulogy at the funeral of Pastor Dawan Gordon in Randfontein, President Gayton Mackenzie ignited controversy by insinuating that the government’s treatment of deceased artists AKA and Mampintsha was racially biased.

There’s a guy called Mampintsha, you must know him. His wife’s name is Babes Wodumo, he was an artist in Big Nuz. When he died the government jumped like popcorn to bury him, and they rightly said many people are gonna come to the funeral, it will be a burden for the family. When another guy died AKA, the government didn’t jump but they refused to help the family.

Mackenzie argued that the government displayed preferential treatment based on the artists’ racial backgrounds, a claim that sparked outrage among the public and artists’ communities.

The difference between AKA and Mampintsha is this one is coloured and this one is black. And they always help the black and they never help the coloured.”

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Babes Wodumo Defends Mampintsha’s Name

Babes Wodumo, who lost her husband Mampintsha to a stroke in December 2022, expressed her profound disappointment with politicians using her late husband’s name for political gains. Taking to her X account, formerly Twitter,

Bazokhuluma ngawe nom ungasekho sthandwa sam ngoba befun ukufeza inhloso zabo. Kubuhlungu angfun ukuqamba amanga kodwa sizobekezela☹️☹️☹️ Mampintsha akulon igama lenu lokufuna amavoti,” which translates to “They will talk about you even when you are no longer here, my love, because they want to achieve their goals. It’s painful I dont want to lie, but we will persevere. Mampintsha is not your ticket to votes.”

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