Tlof Tlof Moving TruckDriver Hires Tlof Tlof Worker, Dances Inside Moving Truck [Image: iHarare/Facebook]

Social media users are shocked over a driver who hired a tlof tlof worker and made her dance for them in a moving truck.

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Tlof Tlof Worker Dances For Driver Inside A Moving Truck

It is still unclear where the haulage truck was heading to or when it was heading to. However, there were about five men in the truck.

The unscrupulous men hired a tlof tlof worker and brought her to the haulage truck. The lady of the night was clad in a black crop top and a skimpy denim skirt, ready for serious work.


Tlof Tlof Moving Truck
Driver Hires Tlof Tlof Worker, Dances Inside Moving Truck [Image: iHarare/Facebook]


The truck crew then played Mutasvi by Zimbabwean musician Enzo Ishall and put the tlof tlof worker at the centre of the truck cabin. The energetic lady held the dashboard and started gyrating and shaking her nyash. One of the men in the truck then held her braids as if he were riding a horse.

The driver dangerously recorded the dancing lady, and another guy in the passenger’s seat captured the moves, too.

Watch the shocking video below.


Mixed Emotions On Social Media

Netizens expressed their reservations over the tlof tlof worker dancing for men inside a moving truck. Check out their comments below.


“This is not only stupid but grossly unethical. Such conduct is meant to defeat the gift of life and must not be condoned.”


“As a parent, my heart is so heavy.”


“Someone’s pillar of strength.”


“Those with husbands who are truck drivers, please travel with your husbands. Check out how this pr*stitute is entertaining your man kkkk.”


“That time, you’ll be thinking your husband is busy at work.


“The law enforcement agents must take note of such lurid actions and take appropriate punitive measures.”



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