Sexyy Red Announces PregnancySexyy Red Announces Pregnancy [Image: sexyyred/Instagram]

Controversial US rapper Sexyy Red has seemingly announced her pregnancy and expecting her second child.


Sexyy Red Announces Pregnancy

The St. Louis musician shared the news on her Instagram account on Saturday, October 14, posting several photos of her baby bump. In one of the photos, she was with fellow singer SZA, who is seen holding her arm and touching her belly. Sexyy Red captioned the post “Team boy or team girl @SZA.”

Sexyy Red has not disclosed details about her pregnancy, like the identity of the father or the due date. However, she seems to be enjoying her food cravings, as she posted another photo of herself eating a plate of ribs with the caption “Fat ma”.


Sexyy Red Announces Pregnancy
Sexyy Red Announces Pregnancy [Image: sexyyred/Instagram]


Sexyy Red has previously revealed that she has a son whom she wants to provide a better life for. In an interview with Complex, she said that she wanted to be on TV, have a makeup business, sell clothes and hair, and open some shops. She also said that money was the main route for her because it would take her anywhere.


Sexyy Red Tlof Tlof Video

The pregnancy announcement comes after a series of controversial events that have put Sexyy Red in the limelight. Last week, she trended after a s*x tape of her leaked on her Instagram story.

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She later claimed that she was heartbroken and that she would never do something like that. She also faced backlash for expressing her support for former president Donald Trump, saying he was funny and gave people free money.


Fans Troll Pregnant Rapper

Social media users shared humorous responses to Sexyy Red announcing her pregnancy.


“The kid in school: We watched you get made Lil bro”


“We all witnessed it, didn’t we??”


“This chick went from having a hit record to dropping a s*x tape to getting pregnant all within like a month 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️😄”


“Just a few mid strokes, and boom, a baby tryna sneak in?”



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