Babes Wodumo Pressures Kabza De Small to Release Late Husband Mampintsha's SongsBabes Wodumo Pressures Kabza De Small to Release Late Husband Mampintsha's Songs (image Credit: Instagram)

Babes Wodumo Pressures Kabza De Small to Release Late Husband

Popular Gqom singer cum dancer Babes Wodumo is calling for the release of unreleased music recorded by her late husband, Mampintsha.

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Appeal to Producer Kabza De Small

According to Zimoja, Babes Wodumo has publicly appealed to producer Kabza De Small, who collaborated with Mampintsha on several tracks.

That was more than two years ago, but he is still holding onto the music, hawu kahle!” she said.

Babes Wodumo argued that Kabza De Small should release Mampintsha’s unreleased songs.

Either he releases the music or sends it to me, and I will release it under his label as his own. I don’t want the legacy of my husband to die just because people are holding onto his music.”

Babes Wodumo is concerned that Mampintsha’s unreleased work, recorded with various artists and producers, may never see the light of day.

Babes Wodumo maintains that the unreleased tracks recorded before Mampintsha’s death should be either publicly released or handed over to her so she can release them under his label.

Importance of Releasing the Music

Babes Wodumo stressed the importance of releasing Mampintsha’s music, not only to honour his legacy but also for their child.

He spent a lot of time in the studio, and there are people for whom he did vocals on their songs but have not released them. I’m asking for umculo wendoda yami. His child needs it,” she emphasized.

Kabza De Small’s Response

Kabza De Small responded to Babes Wodumo’s requests, acknowledging the existence of unreleased tracks featuring Mampintsha.

“I have hundreds of songs that have not even been released, and you wait for the right time. It’s the same with Mampintsha. We made a song together, but it wasn’t the right time. I have spoken to Babes; the music will be released,” Kabza assured.

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