Gogo Skhotheni, Oscar Mbo and Gogo Maweni-Image Source(Instagram)Gogo Skhotheni, Oscar Mbo and Gogo Maweni-Image Source(Instagram)

Battle Of The Sangomas: Gogo Maweni drags Oscar Mbo In Her Fight With Gogo Skhotheni

Sangomas Gogo Maweni, Gogo Skotheni-Dlamini, and musician Oscar Mbo are involved in a feud. The fight between them started when Gogo Skotheni-Dlamini accused Gogo Maweni of copying her soap, which brings good luck.

Gogo Maweni and Gogo Skhotheni-Image Source(Instagram)
Gogo Maweni and Gogo Skhotheni-Image Source(Instagram)

The fight turned personal when Gogo Maweni suggested that Gogo Skotheni-Dlamini was using her children in traditional rituals called ukuthwala. In response, Gogo Skotheni-Dlamini said that Maweni claimed her son is sick because she uses her children in the ritual.

Gogo Maweni accuses Gogo Skhotheni of dating Oscar Mbo

Gogo Maweni said in an Instagram Live video that she is not scared of Gogo Skotheni-Dlamini and wants to challenge her to a physical fight.

Gogo Maweni also claimed that Gogo Skotheni-Dlamini is having an affair with DJ Oscar Mbo. Maweni and Skotheni-Dlamini are both married, and Skotheni-Dlamini is married but having an affair. In her Instagram live, which she held in isiZulu, Maweni said:

“I’m saying can we please a challenge and i want for Gogo Skhotheni and i to meet on the street so I can beat her up. Whether we meet in Soweto or any other place, I want us to beat the hell out of each other. Where will I find her because she’s running away from me but? She’s very proud to give me her address, but you know that she runs away, she is not there. So, I want it [the fight ] to be official. I want to beat her up and show her that she is a skank, a skank that sleeps with Oscar Mbo” 

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