Londie London-Image Source(Instagram)Londie London-Image Source(Instagram)

Boss Moves: Londie London Ventures Into Hair Business After Divorce

Londie London, a South African musician, influencer, and reality TV star, has announced a new partnership with a hair braid company. She appears to be handling her split from her baby daddy, Hlubi Nkosi, well.

Previously, she had opened up about not receiving support from Hlubi, with whom she shares two children. London is now starting a new venture in the booming South African hair industry.

Londie London and Hlubi Nkosi in happier times-Image Source(Instagram)
Londie London and Hlubi Nkosi in happier times-Image Source(Instagram)

Londie London has faced difficulties since her split from her former partner Hlubi Nkosi. She raised her two children mostly by herself, as Hlubi was not supportive.

Londie and Hlubi share different values and opinions, which made their break-up tricky. After the split, rumours started that Hlubi had taken back his BMW from Londie, accusing her of using it to party.

Londie London ventures into the hair business industry

Despite all the drama, Londie London has ventured into the South African hair industry. She announced a partnership with a hair braid company, and they will release the LONDIE LONDON BRAID, the longest braid in Africa, with 100 inches of fabulousness.


Londie announced on social media that the new braid would drop on Monday, and she encouraged her followers to get ready to “get braided.”

Many celebrities are in her comment section applauding her and congratulating her on her new venture. Lady Du even asked Londie to supply her saloon with her new braid. Fans are excited and can not wait to try the braid as they are getting excited over how long it is.

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