Big Zulu, Master KG and former loverBig Zulu, Master KG and former lover

Big Zulu Weighs In On Master KG Bedroom Debate Sparked By Side Chick

Rapper and business mogul Big Zulu has finally responded to his former side chick, who trended after making claims that he is better than Master KG in bed.

Last week, Master KG’s alleged baby mama and ex-flame Queen Lolly, who is also Big Zulu’s former side chick, shook up social media when she claimed that the Imali Eningi hitmaker is a beast between the sheets as compared to Jerusalema producer Master KG.

The curvy woman shared on the viral Podcast Omakhwapheni, which interviews women who have dated Mzansi celebrities privately.

The side chicks go to the show and bare all their experiences with these stars. Omakhwapheni is colloquial for a secret partner.

Big Zulu addresses comparison to Master KG

Big Zulu, Master KG and lover
Big Zulu, Master KG and lover (Twitter)

Previously, the show hosted Bella Burger, who had flings with actor Zenzo Radebe and singer Ntaba Yase Dubai, and Prudence Lawrence, a side chick to former Black Motion half Morda and Heavy K.

Queen Lolly, a club promoter and an upcoming Maskandi musician, revealed that she dated Big Zulu before he was famous, and he took good care of her financially and in bed. She found out later in the relationship that she was a side chick and decided to remain as such.

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The spicy musician revealed that she has a child with Master KG, although she did not reveal his gender or further details. She even added that Makhadzi knows about her.

Omakhwapheni hosts asked her who performed better in bed between Master KG and Big Zulu, and Queen Lolly said “Ushun Wenkabi” was a 10/10 and had a manhood way bigger than Master KG’s. She gave “Master KG 0.1 on a scale of 10.”

Daily Sun reached out to Big Zulu to get his comment on the drama caused by his former secret flame Queen Lolly, and he expressed anger.

“This woman is tarnishing my name. I don’t know why she has been saying all those things. I’d rather not comment.”

By Letho