Mohale and Somizi on their wedding day-Image Source(Twitter)Mohale and Somizi on their wedding day-Image Source(Twitter)

Mind-Blowing! Somizi and Mohale’s Wedding Outfits Still a Sensation in Mzansi Years Later.

Somizi and Mohale’s tied the knot on September 28 2019 in an extravagant elaborate wedding ceremony. Their lavish traditional wedding was a star-studded affair, with some of Mzansi’s most famous faces in attendance.

Somizi Mhlongo who is known to be a flamboyant fashionista and Mohale who is also well known for his sleek clean looks went all out on their wedding as they dressed to kill and did not limit themselves to just one outfit.

Mohale and Somizi-Image Source(Twitter/_muzie)
Mohale and Somizi-Image Source(Twitter/_muzie)

Their arduous outfits still hog the limelight up until now even though they broke up. Out of all their flamboyant attires, their elaborate Egyptian-inspired outfits is the talk of the town.

@gertjohancoetzee took us to Egypt. Perfect for our theme. African traditional wedding,” Somizi wrote on his Instagram account

On their wedding day, Mzansi made fun of their bold extravagant ensemble which was made by local designer Gert-Johan Coetzee. Tweeps trolled them, with some saying Somizi looked like Pharoah.

Mzansi trolls Somizi and Mohale’s wedding outfit

Mohale and Somizi-Image Source(Twitter/_muzie)
Mohale and Somizi-Image Source(Twitter/_muzie)

Year’s later, Somizi and Mohale’s Egyptian inspired wedding outfits are still a source of amusement for South Africans as they continue to ridicule the outfits every chance they get.

While some tweeps likened Somizi and Mohale’s Egyptian-inspired looks to costumes from the horror movie, The Mummy Returns, another section echoed that their outfits looked like the ones that were worn by people in bible and that they looked like Herod.


Abantwana base Niniva naseNtarashishi🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣…you can tell ukuthi you’re Egyptians I’m sure Safarina came with this theme🤣🤣 Hai udlalile ngawe shem uMkhulu SoMga😂


Mara Mohale!!!!! did you okay these outfits or was it out of your hands


The only theme that bored me honestly whoever came up with the “Mummy Return’s” look sucked 


We can be honest now, these outfits were kak 😭Hhay somizi looked like a pharoah most definitely😅😅😂


The whole thing is ugly what a waste of money…This is more like revelations. The end. I’m sure these outfits can be used in some medieval movie….🤔


Somizi wanted Mohale to feel the time of his birth era😂😂

By Letho