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Big Zulu Wins Boxing Match With First-Round Knockout: Is He Better Than Cassper?

Big Zulu has pursued boxing following in the footsteps of Cassper Nyovest and has achieved a remarkable victory in his debut match with a first-round knockout.

A few months back, Cassper Nyovest made headlines as he entered the ring for the popular Celebrity Boxing event, where he had notable matches with Naakmusiq and Priddy Ugly.

As a result, other celebrities such as the late AKA, Big Zulu, and others faced pressure from fans to participate in the event.

While AKA showed no interest in participating, Big Zulu embraced the idea and openly challenged Cassper Nyovest to a fight.

However, due to logistical or management issues, the challenge was not accepted by Cassper, which led some to believe that he was intimidated by Big Zulu’s proposal.

Undeterred, Big Zulu continued his pursuit of boxing and searched for another opponent.

This time, he proved his fighting skills and left fans convinced that he was a better fighter than Cassper Nyovest, as he emerged victorious with a first-round knockout in his latest match.


During the past few months, Big Zulu has been relentlessly training behind the scenes, pushing himself at the gym and hitting the roads and mountains to prepare for his latest boxing match.

His dedication and hard work were evident to those who spotted him during his training sessions.

Big Zulu’s dedication to his training regimen paid off, as he shed excess body fat and appeared to be in the best shape of his life. When he entered the ring, he exuded confidence and was a force to be reckoned with.

As the two fighters exchanged blows in the ring, it was evident that they were testing each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

However, towards the end of the first round, Big Zulu unleashed a powerful punch that landed on his opponent’s face, sending him crashing to the ground.



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