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“He Was Last Seen In March 2022″| Details Emerge On Thabo Bester’s Victim Katlego Mpholo

The relatives of a man whose remains were utilized by the infamous rapist and killer Thabo Bester to evade prison are seeking answers about their son’s death.

Bester successfully fled the Mangaung correctional facility the previous year by feigning his demise with a cell fire.

Initially, a body discovered inside the cell was thought to be Bester’s, but it has since been confirmed to be that of Katlego Bereng Mpholo.

During an interview with Eyewitness News, Mpholo’s mother and grandmother revealed that they had last seen their son in March. A year has passed, and their painful search for him has finally concluded in a tragic discovery.

Located away from the busy Bloemfontein CBD is an understated suburb, where Katlego Mpholo spent his childhood residing in a back room at his grandmother Matsietsi Ralilateng’s home.

His belongings are still there, but according to Ralilateng, she has not seen him since March last year.

“How did my son’s corpse land in prison? How did his corpse make it past all those gates? Those men who were here said that Nadipha Magudumana fetched those corpses from there but what I can’t seem to understand is how that mortuary discharged those corpses to someone who is not related to them.”

Seated just outside her grandson’s former room, with his photo resting on her lap, Matsietsi Ralilateng let out a deep sigh.

Speaking to Eyewitness News, she shared that as the Thabo Bester case gained widespread media attention, she had a gut feeling that her grandson was among the bodies utilized in Bester’s jailbreak.

“From the moment they started revealing the corpses, I just had a feeling that my grandson is one of them. I even suspected that the other corpse that was found in the water was his but I especially suspected the burned one. I would watch the news, crying, while also looking at his picture, hoping that he would appear on the TV.”

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The police claim that their son had collapsed in the city and had died in the hospital before being transferred to a mortuary.

Nevertheless, the family remains skeptical of this explanation as it does not account for how Katlego’s charred remains ended up in the Mangaung maximum prison.

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