DJ Maphorisa and Kabza De SmallDJ Maphorisa buys Kabza De Small R140K worthy of jewellery-Image Source@X

DJ Maphorisa while out on a vacation with Kabza De Small has taken time to  spoil the latter with jewellery worthy R140K. The two showed it off on social media amid talks of their falling out.

The camaraderie between Kabza De Small and Maphorisa is not only evident but also celebrated by their fans. The duo, known for their significant contributions to the amapiano genre, often display their mutual affection through lavish gifts and shared moments.

Luxury Gifts and Dance Collaborations

Kabza De Small recently showcased an exquisite Vintage Alhambra Van Cleef bracelet valued at R140,000, a generous gift from his fellow DJ and close friend, Maphorisa. This symbol of their friendship was highlighted on social media, captivating their followers.

In addition to the luxurious gift, the two DJs joined forces for a new viral dance challenge set to the hit song “Manzi Nte” by Tyler ICU. Fans were thrilled to see Kabza De Small and Maphorisa enjoying a boat trip together, further cementing their bond.

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The bond between Kabza De Small and Maphorisa continues to strengthen, as seen in a recent post reshared by @MDNnews. Kabza proudly wore the Van Cleef bracelet, and a video clip of their shopping spree further delighted fans. Their dance video to “Manzi Nte,” choreographed by Maphorisa, also received widespread admiration.

Maphorisa’s Recent Rant About Kabza De Small

In a related story, DJ Maphorisa expressed frustration over fans’ constant inquiries about Kabza De Small. During an Instagram livestream, Maphorisa clarified that while they are close friends and collaborators, they lead separate lives. The frequent association of the two has led fans to wonder about Kabza’s whereabouts whenever he is not seen with Maphorisa.

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Both DJs, known as the Scorpion Kings, have enjoyed tremendous success in their careers, solidifying their status as top producers and DJs in South Africa.

By Letho