Ann Malinga threatens to sue TS RecordsRobbie Malinga's widow Ann Malinga threatens to sue TS Records-Image Source@X

Ann Malinga, the celebrated musician and producer Robbie Malinga’s widow, has issued a stern warning to TS Records and Universal Music, signalling potential legal action. As reported by ZiMoja, Ann is determined to obtain all relevant recording agreements and financial statements involving her late husband, Universal Music, and TS Records. She asserts that these documents are essential for the proper settlement of Robbie’s estate.

Ann Malinga has been persistently requesting access to the recording agreements covering the period from 2013 to 2020. She has been on this quest since Robbie’s passing six years ago, shortly after his funeral in January 2018. Her frustration stems from the continuous evasion and lack of cooperation she has encountered from the two companies involved. “There is something suspicious happening here,” Ann remarked, expressing her concern over the possible misconduct.

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Impact on Personal Life and Legal Involvement

Robbie Malinga's widow
Robbie Malinga’s widow in legal drama with TS Records-Image Source@X

The ongoing struggle to gather these documents has significantly impacted Ann’s ability to finalize her late husband’s estate, consequently hindering her from moving forward with her life. Ann’s legal representative, Bongani Mdakane from Mdakane Attorneys Inc., reached out to Manusha Sarawan of Universal Music on May 17, seeking clarity on the recording agreements after feeling ignored by TS Records.

Allegations of Fraud

Ann strongly suspects that Universal Music, which was the parent company of TS Records at the time and handled its music distribution, is complicit in deceiving her. She voiced her concerns to ZiMoja, claiming, “Both Universal and TS are involved in the same fraudulent scheme concerning Robbie’s work.”

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Universal Music’s Response

Universal Music has distanced itself from the controversy surrounding Ann’s allegations. In response to the inquiry from Ann’s lawyer, Manisha Sarawan clarified that TS Records was solely responsible for drafting and signing the relevant agreements. “We vehemently deny the allegations that EMI/Universal assumed any responsibility to draft agreements on behalf of TS Records. Such agreements should be obtained directly from TK Nciza,” she stated.


By Letho