Boity Reacts To Mac G’s Comment That “Everyone Has F**ked” Her

Boity Reacts To Mac G's Comment That "Everyone Has F**ked" Her
Boity Reacts To Mac G’s Comment That “Everyone Has F**ked” Her

Mac G is surely changing the podcast scene in Mzansi with his controversial stances that never cease to amaze us.

Known for not holding back on anything social, the famous podcaster has once again got into people’s feels with derogatory comments towards their fave, Boity.

Mac G of Podcast and Chill with Mac G has seen a huge increase in subscribers ever since he was called out for homophobic comments and getting cancelled by Old Mutual.

On the last week’s episode of Podcast and Chill with Mac G, with his partner Sol Phenduka and the controversial Nota as their celebrity guest, he has already managed to pull almost 70k views in 20 hours.

All thanks to his negative comments and the social media backlash he received after his last episode.

It all began when the trio decided to play a game called ‘smash, marry or kill” where they have to choose what to do with a fellow female celeb.

On three choices, Boity, Bonang and Thando Thabethe given by their audiences; the trio had to choose what they would do with them.

Sol’s choice was to marry Boity, smash Bonang and kill Thando Thabethe.

Nota, who’s also known for not holding back anything revealed he would kill Bonang since he knows she was dating Slikour in private back in the day.

Mac G said he would marry Bonang. But the two who happen to be his rivals, Boity and Thando he was undecided.

He finally said he wouldn’t smash Boity because “everyone has f**ked Boity. So he would “kill Boity, f**k Thando, while I’m screwing her I would ask her “what were you saying”.

His comments did not settle well with Boity’s fans who quickly called Mac G out for being disrespectful.

Boity on the other hand also reacted to the comments she would not be distracted by them.

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