Aka Bonang MathebaAKA x Bonang in happier times (Image: TimesLive)

Bonang Matheba Breaks Silence On AKA’s Death and New Relationship

Bonang Matheba had an interview with Yfm where she broke her silence over AKA’s tragic death. In the interview, she got to talk about her YouTube series, B*Dazzled and her new projects and relationship.

Bonang Matheba on AKA’s death

While talking to Yfm, Bonang talked about taking time to travel and take vacations. The reality TV star took time to talk about AKA’s death by saying, ‘…the whole country was in mourning.’

Aka Bonang Matheba
AKA x Bonang (Image: The Guardian Nigeria

For weeks, people were wondering what Bonang will say about her ex’s passing. Some even attacked her for posting a bikini picture after AKA got shot.

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Bonang on B*Dazzled and her new boyfriend

Bonang recently explained in a YFM interview that the release of the new episode was delayed due to the mourning period in the country. However, she stated that she was now ready to air the episode on April 28. She also shared that she has been travelling to different places and creating content, prioritizing her travelling.

Bonang Matheba
Bonang Matheba-Image Source(Instagram)

She stated, “I have been working, I know the BForce has been annoyed with me because they feel I’ve been quiet and not sharing, but I’ve gone much quieter, and that’s only because I’m 35. The older you grow, the quieter you become, and that’s because I did all the shouting and dancing when I was 20.”

Bonang also shared on Twitter that juggling work and a relationship was another factor that caused the delay in the release of the second episode. She apologized to her fans and asked for their patience as she resumed filming.

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Bonang’s plans for the future

Previously, in an interview with TshisaLIVE, Bonang stated that she wanted to occupy the digital space more. “B*Dazzled is something I started many years ago, and now, as an entertainer, it’s fascinating how quickly traditional media has changed. B*Dazzled was lovely, it showed some of the behind-the-scenes of life and the usual everyday things, it was a lot less scripted.

“I’m going back to my YouTube era, it’s important to be on YouTube, my fans wanted this, and I’m ready to give the people what they want.”


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