DA Suspends Renaldo GouwsDA Suspends MP Renaldo Gouws As Second Racist Video Goes Viral [Image: X]

The Democratic Alliance (DA) has suspended newly-sworn in MP Renaldo Gouws after a second racist video of him went viral.


DA Suspends MP Renaldo Gouws For His Racist Remarks

In the video which he first published on his Youtube channel and later deleted, Gouws says:

“Alright so there’s a couple of things I want to say. Kill the f**ing k*ffirs, kill all the f*ing n*ggers. That’s all I gotta f*ing say. Kill all the k*ffirs! Kill all the f*ing n*ggers!”

Gouws allegedly published the video on 11 March 2010 under the title “Kill all black people”. He then deleted it, but not before the content was archived.



IOL dropped the infuriating video in which he was calling for the m_rder of black people, using racist words.

After seeing the video yesterday, the DA Federal Executive chairperson Helen Zille commented:

“I have contacted Renaldo. He says he has no recollection at all of making a video with such vile language and says if one exists, it could be AI generated. Renaldo is denying flat out that he ever made this video. I am sending it for testing.”


The Ill-Fated Start To Parliament

DA Suspends Renaldo Gouws
DA Suspends MP Renaldo Gouws [Image: X]


When Gouws went to Parliament last week, there was an uproar online as people grumbled that a racist person was now a legislator. Gouws initially released a video, saying he was young when he shot the video 16 years ago. He owned up and apologised.

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At the inauguration of President Cyril Ramaphosa, DA President John Steenhuisen defended Gouw when journalists asked if the party would take action against the new MP. Steenhuisen said Gouw was young and naive 16 years ago.

Patriotic Alliance leader Gayton McKenzie even said it was unfair to crucify Gouw for a video he released 16 years ago. Yesterday, Gayton took back his words, revealing that he had seen another video that proved that Gouw was indeed racist.

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