Judith Sephuma Young BoyfriendVideos Of Singer Judith Sephuma Getting Cosy With Her Young Gym Trainer Boyfriend Tickles Fans [Image: @judithsephuma/Instagram]

Videos of singer Judith Sephuma being cosy with her younger Ben 10 boyfriend, who is a gym trainer, are tickling fans.


Her Forever Yena

Judith is probably grateful that she experienced a health scare, because it ultimately serenaded her into the hands of her new man. Now she has the thrill of a younger, energetic and fit boyfriend, Sibusiso Mazibuko, who is making her smile all the time.

In a video making rounds online, the 49-year-old jazz musician wore matching blue gym outfits with her man. She had a gym top and a tight that accentuated her figure.


Judith Sephuma Young Boyfriend
Videos Of Singer Judith Sephuma Getting Cosy With Her Young Gym Trainer Boyfriend Tickles Fans [Image: @judithsephuma/Instagram]


They took a rest from exercising and posed for pictures, as Judith leaned into her Ben 10, who made her laugh and glow the whole time. They even took an intimate mirror selfie, with Sibusiso standing and holding her from behind.



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How Judith Sephuma Met Her Young Boyfriend

Months ago, Judith landed in the intensive care unit (ICU) because of severe high blood pressure.

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After leaving the hospital, she took a lifestyle shift and joined a gym to keep fit. It was at the gym that she encountered Sibusiso, the fitness trainer. In no time, they fell in love.

A source close to Judith told Zimoja:

“He is an amazing guy. He has helped her with training and that’s how the relationship started. They enjoy the same things. Yes, he is younger, but age is nothing. Judith deserves happiness. She is religious and empathetic. She’s wife material!” 

Social media users expressed amusement at videos of Judith Sephuma with her younger boyfriend.


“She’s acting her song ,the world is full of joy, you cry and smile and you dance.”


“Le se tšea kae sebete sa go fološa anaroko?

Nisthathaphi isbindi sokehlisa ipitikoti? Judith Sephuma must hide her SASSA monies.”


“Love is beautiful.”


“Yes girl! Wa glower ebile.”

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