Bremda ngxoliBrenda Ngxoli exposes the abuse she faced with her family-Image Source@X

Acclaimed South African actress Brenda Ngxoli has publicly disclosed troubling issues within her family, including accusations of physical and financial abuse by her mother and sister. This revelation follows her detailed discussion about these familial conflicts on the Podcast and Chill with MacG last month.

Homelessness and Despair

Brenda revealed that she has been without a home for almost two years. She expressed her frustration and pain, stating, “Why must I leave everything for them to enjoy? Where should I go? It’s not like anyone is going to offer me a place to stay. Why must the victim make arrangements while the perpetrators remain unaccountable? This is incredibly painful.”

Brenda Ngxoli Publicly Calls-out family over abuse

Addressing her sister directly, Brenda said, “Lumka, you always suggested we go to the media. Well, here it is, sister. Let me share my fame with you.” She emphasized that she would no longer remain silent to protect her family’s reputation. “By staying silent, I’m only fostering an environment for behaviours that neither help nor heal us as a family. I’m done hiding my scars for my child’s sake. She should know that, even if it took a while, her mother spoke out.”

Efforts to Mend Family Relations

According to ZiMoja, Brenda had previously made numerous attempts to resolve her family issues but to no avail. “I used to give my entire salary to my family. I worked extremely hard for them, and they even involved social workers against me,” she shared.

“Currently, my family and I are not on speaking terms.” She recounted purchasing livestock for her family, only for them to sell it all, leaving her with nothing. She also mentioned suffering from the pressures of black tax after building a home for her family. “Despite my hard work, I don’t have my sheep and goats anymore. They even threatened to expose me to the media.”

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Family Response

When approached for comment by ZiMoja, Brenda’s sister, Lumka, remarked, “This is a family matter; I won’t discuss it publicly.” Brenda, on her part, chose not to provide further details. “I have spoken my truth, and that is all I have to say.”

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