Nota Baloyo and BeritaNota Baloyi and Berita finalize their divorce-IMage Source@X

Controversial music executive Nota Nhlamulo Baloyi and his estranged wife, Gugulethu Khumalo, known professionally as Berita, have officially finalized their divorce.

Nota Baloyi Divorce Announcement

In 2022, Berita disclosed that she had separated from Nota after just one year of marriage. She took to her social media platform, X, to apologize to YouTuber Mihlali after Nota made derogatory remarks about her.

Berita mentioned that she left their home in January 2022, implying that Nota’s alleged mental health struggles were a significant factor in their separation.

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Legal Proceedings and Asset Division

Nota Baloyi and wife finalize divorce-Source@X

Following a tumultuous exchange regarding their breakup, with Nota often assigning blame, he announced on Wednesday that he was heading to court to finalize the divorce. Nota celebrated on social media, stating he managed to secure half of his assets without any losses.

Okay, I’m definitely missing the inauguration… At least I’m getting half & I lost nothing!

— MORAL Authority (@lavidaNOTA) June 19, 2024

Berita’s Recollections

In a February interview with Kaya959 last year, Berita recounted the day she decided to leave her marriage. She contacted a therapist and realized she was in a narcissistically abusive relationship with Nota.

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Realization of Abuse

“I spent an hour and a half explaining the situation to the therapist, initially thinking it was just anger issues. But the moment I understood it was an abusive relationship, I knew I couldn’t stay another minute and made immediate plans to leave,” she shared.

She recounted booking herself into a Bed and Breakfast on the day she left and never returning to her marital home.

“During our dating period and early marriage, the signs gradually became clear. On December 21, 2021, I realized I had fallen out of love with him and needed to break free,” Berita recalled.

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