Tlof Tlof With DogBritish National In Trouble For Having Tlof Tlof With A Dog [Image: LatestLY]

The South African Police Service (SAPS) has arrested a British national in Gauteng for having tlof tlof with a dog.

Zimoja reported that SAPS’s Serial and Electronic Crime Investigations Unit (SECI) and the USA Department of Homeland Security arrested the man and two others, also in relation to child tlof tlof content.

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British National In The Dock For Having Tlof Tlof With A Dog

SAPS spokesperson Brigadier Athlenda Mathe said they arrested the three men during a raid on some South Africans who are part of those in possession, distribution, manufacturing, accessing and downloading of child tlof tlof videos.

Brigadier Mathe added:

“In Springs, police arrested a 63-year-old male British citizen who was found to be in the country illegally. The suspect faces offences related to bestiality, where police have seized material of him allegedly having s_xual intercourse with a dog. The second suspect, a male (43), was arrested in Benoni, while a third suspect, a 43-year-old South African male suspect, was arrested in Krugersdorp.


And Creating Unsavoury Child Content…


Tlof Tlof With Dog
British National In Trouble For Having Tlof Tlof With A Dog [Image: TVMnews]


Brigadier Mathe also delved into the child tlof tlof charges that the three men are facing:

“All the suspects are facing charges relating to the possession, distribution, accessing, downloading, facilitating, viewing, facilitating the distribution and making available child p__n_graphy, exposure of a child to adult and child p__n_graphy and grooming of a child. The operations will continue throughout the country to unravel a network of child s_xual predators.”

The police spokesperson also revealed that they rescued the three South African children and the dog which the suspects used to commit the heinous crime.

Yesterday, the three captured men appeared at the Springs, Benoni and Krugersdorp Magistrates Courts, respectively. The magistrates hearing the cases postponed them to later dates to allow the police to investigate further and for the suspects to apply for bail.


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