Malawian Grandfather Impregnating GranddaughterMalawian Grandfather Jailed For Impregnating His Granddaughter [Image: The New Paper]

A 58-year-old Malawian grandfather has been sentenced to 10 years in prison with hard labour for impregnating his minor granddaughter.

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The Midima First Grade Magistrate’s court in Limbe, Malawi, slapped Kennedy Nanjiwa with the jail term for having tlof tlof and impregnating his 17-year-old granddaughter.


Malawian Grandfather Punished For Impregnating Granddaughter

State prosecutor Sub Inspector Anne Kamwendo said Nanjiwa s_xually abused the girl several times. This happened between December 2022 and September 2023 after her father passed away. Malawi24 reported that he took advantage of his wife’s absence, who was in hospital, to commit the crime at a river in the area.

The matter was reported at Bvumbwe Police Post when the girl was observed to be six months pregnant. The police subsequently arrested Nanjiwa. He pleaded guilty to the charge and asked for a lesser sentence, citing that he is a family man.

However, the magistrate, Lameck Mkwapatira, agreed with the prosecutor, who prayed for a stiff sentence, citing that Nanjiwa’s actions were immoral and dangerous to the girl and society. He slapped him with ten years imprisonment with hard labour to deter would-be offenders.


Malawian Grandfather Impregnating Granddaughter
Malawian Grandfather Jailed For Impregnating His Granddaughter [Image: WAtoday]


Minor Reveals The Ordeal

The girl said that Nanjiwa promised to take care of her and give her whatever she needed. She added that he continued sleeping with her even after she told him about the pregnancy. He told her it would prevent problems during childbirth.

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The case has sparked outrage and condemnation from the public, who have called for justice and protection for the girl and her unborn child. Some have also questioned the sentence’s adequacy, saying it is too lenient for such a heinous crime.

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