Andile Mpisane Homeless KidsAndile Mpisane Showers Chips To Homeless Kids [Image: @andilempisane10/Instagram]

X users are throwing all sorts of shade after Andile Mpisane stopped his drive to shower homeless kids on the streets with chips.

Yesterday, Andile Mpisane took his Gusheshe for a drive in Soweto, Johannesburg. The footballer and football executive is popular online for his penchant for cars, most of which are luxurious. He probably took the small BMW to deflect attention from himself. Which is very unusual.

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Andile wanted to cool off and have a good time, as his type of dressing reflected this. He had tiny shorts, a t-shirt, and socks while driving.


Andile Mpisane Dishes Out Chips To Homeless Kids


Andile Mpisane Homeless Kids
Andile Mpisane Showers Chips To Homeless Kids [Image: @andilempisane10/Instagram]


As he travelled, he halted at a red traffic light, and as soon as his car screeched to a stop, a group of homeless kids spotted him. Instantly, they ran for him from the other side of the road. The thrilled boys were whistling loudly as they ran to Andile Mpisane.

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The showy footballer even started loudly raving his Gusheshe, much to the amazement of the little hustlers in the streets.

After the homeless kids got to his car window, he started dishing out chips to each one. After finishing, he stepped on the clutch pedal, changed gears and drove off his loud BMW. Watch the moment below.



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X Users In Laughter

Social media users had a good laugh over the video.


“😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Mah sengifuna ukuba uBI PHAKATHI 🤣🤣🤣”

Top Dollar:

“It’s better than nothing.”


“Whatever makes another person happy is enough. If the kids are happy, bravo 👌”


“Last time they gave players cold hard cash on the field, SARS came for them. He’s trying to keep SARS at bay 🤣🤣🤣”


“Do you know that he might have just made the kids’ day 🙂?”


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