Philanthropist BI Phakathi Opens Up About Financial StrugglesBI Phakathi financial struggles (Image Credit: Kaya 959/earGROUND)

In a startling revelation, the renowned philanthropist and filmmaker BI Phakathi has announced that he is facing financial struggles while tirelessly battling poverty and uplifting the less fortunate.

BI Phakathi, whose true identity remains shrouded in mystery, has become a beacon of hope for the homeless through viral videos showcasing his compassionate acts on social media.

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BI Phakathi Financial Struggles 

In a poignant post on X (formerly Twitter), BI Phakathi bared his soul to the world, confessing that he has gone broke. He revealed he had exhausted every last resource in his possession to further his mission of spreading goodwill and eradicating poverty.

His heartfelt plea resonated deeply as he implored his followers for prayers and support during this trying period.

This assignment is bigger than me. Right now, I am broke. I have used all resources to spread the good and fight poverty. Please pray for me if you can,” he posted.

A Wave of Support and Acts of Generosity

BI Phakathi’s candid post on X sent shockwaves across the platform, swiftly going viral and amassing a substantial following.

Philanthropist BI Phakathi Opens Up About Financial Struggles Amidst Mission to Fight Poverty
BI Phakathi Opens Up About Financial Struggles/ The philanthropist helping a homeless(Image Credit: Briefly)

Numerous users flooded the post with messages of encouragement, while others offered their financial support. In an unexpected turn of events, Bi Phakathi decided to share his banking details, expressing profound gratitude for the overwhelming response.

Before he knew it, South Africans (SA) began answering his call for help. Some X users even shared a screenshot of their donations.

Expressing profound gratitude, BI Phakathi responded,

“Thank you for the love, family. I ask for prayers to keep me going, and you want to donate to the assignment. Givers are not good with receiving. Please be patient with a brother. I push this work with no sponsors on video but faith to keep it real. I am humbled and forever grateful for the love you are showing. I love you all, one by one.”

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