Tragic Food Poisoning Continues in South Africa Tragic Food Poisoning Continues in South Africa (Image Credit; News24)

In a heart-wrenching turn of events, two more young children in Gauteng, South Africa, have tragically lost their lives, with food poisoning suspected as the cause.

This devastating incident unfolded in Bekkersdal, West Rand, just days after two four-year-olds in Soweto succumbed to a similar fate after eating biscuits and drinking juice from a foreign-owned spaza shop.

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 Two More Children Die in Gauteng of Apparent Food Poisoning

The latest tragedy occurred on Wednesday night when four children, aged between two and seven, reportedly ingested snacks purchased at a local taxi rank.

While the exact nature of the food remains unclear, the symptoms displayed by the children pointed towards food poisoning.

Provincial police commissioner Elias Mawela confirmed the incident to EWN , stating,

Two children bought some food. Unfortunately, we’ve lost those two children. The other three who were treated and discharged, they’re going to help us to look for the people who sold the food to them.”


Two More Children Die in Gauteng of Apparent Food Poisoning
Two More Children Die in Gauteng of Apparent Food Poisoning (Image Credit: SowetanLive)

Community Outrage Grows as Investigations Uncover More Cases of Suspected Tainted Food

The grieving community has quickly pointed fingers at the shop owner at the taxi rank, alleging that they may have sold expired or tainted food to the innocent victims. Calls for justice and accountability are resonating within the community.

In a parallel tragedy, the families of the victims are not only grappling with their immense loss but also pleading for financial assistance to provide their children with a dignified burial.

These heart-wrenching incidents have prompted intensified efforts by authorities to address food safety concerns in the region.

Police have opened an inquest docket, and investigations are underway. The incidents have also spurred officials to focus on awareness campaigns, particularly concerning the handling, preparation, and storage of food, as well as the importance of checking food expiry labels.

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