Mother Tlof TlofWoman Catches Her Boyfriend Having Tlof Tlof With Her Mother [Image: @brutalfightz/X]

There was drama recently after an American woman caught her boyfriend red-handed having tlof tlof with her mother.

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On The Spot: Woman Catches Boyfriend Having Tlof Tlof With Her Mother

The woman had gone to work, and her mother and boyfriend/baby daddy decided to enjoy each other in her bed. Her boyfriend is significantly younger than her mother, but the two mischievous inlaws did not care.

The lady then abruptly returned from work only to find her mother and boyfriend having tlof tlof. Apparently, she had been trying to call her man, but he was ignoring her calls. The furious lady asked her boyfriend: and mom

“I’ve been calling you all day, and this is what you do with my mom? And you are just there sitting quietly. You got nothing to say, Mom?”

The mother was unapologetic and nasty. She exclaimed:

“Are you gonna post that on Facebook? Don’t forget I’m still your mom. You don’t treat him right, what do you expect him to do?”


Mother Tlof Tlof
Woman Catches Her Boyfriend Having Tlof Tlof With Her Mother [Image: @brutalfightz/X]


An argument ensued between mother and daughter. The lady then asks her mother to leave her bedroom, to which she digs in and says she will not be going anywhere. The daughter tells her mother to hire a taxi or call a bus or a train just so she can leave. The mother stubbornly refuses.

Her embarrassed boyfriend is now complaining about why she is live streaming on Facebook. He gets up to wear hs clothes. His girlfriend tell him to remove the shirt and underwear because she bought them. She even bought the phone he used.

Watch the drama below.



Social Media Bewilderment

X users expressed shock after the woman caught her boyfriend having tlof tlof with her mother.


“The momma said she doesn’t treat her man right anyway! The mom betta chill.”


“Why is the person in the wrong always acting like they are right lol?”


“Now the mom is her daughter’s stepmom.”


“This is actually insane lmfaooooo and he just lays there chill Af.”

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