Cassper Nyovest [Image: Twitter/@casspernyovest]

Cassper Nyovest Takes No Chances: Boosts Security After Tragic Loss Of DJ Sumbody

The passing of DJ Sumbody, whose real name was Oupa Sefoka, has deeply impacted Cassper Nyovest.

DJ Sumbody was tragically shot and killed in Johannesburg on November 20, 2022, in a suspected targeted attack.

The crime scene was littered with over 40 bullet casings, indicating the dangerous nature of the incident. In light of this, Cassper Nyovest has taken steps to ensure his safety by increasing his security measures.

In a heart-wrenching conversation with ZiMoja, Cassper Nyovest opened up about his experience after the passing of his dear friend, DJ Sumbody:

“Someone was so insensitive and sent me pictures of Sumbody’s body in the car after he was gunned down. I only saw parts of the picture and closed it once I realised what it was. I couldn’t bear to see him in that light.”

The untimely loss of DJ Sumbody was a wake-up call for Cassper Nyovest, reminding him that, as a celebrity, his life is inherently more vulnerable to danger than the average person.

Now Nyovest walks around with bodyguards with big guns and bulletproof vests.

“It’s not safe, man. I have been ignorant for a very long time, and DJ Sumbody’s death woke me and made me realise that we are not safe. His death really f**ked me up.

“I am always walking around with expensive jewellery, and I can’t afford to put my life at risk and tempt people. I also need to remember who I am; I am Cassper Nyovest. I am not just some normal guy who can just walk around freely. I would love to live like that, walk around the streets and not be recognised, but I am not that guy.

“Someone made me realise that this is not the way to go, and Sumbody’s death made me aware that I need to be safe and remember who I am. We spend a lot of money on stupid things, so why not invest in security and knowing that wherever I move, I am a bit safer and everything is controlled?”

By jdt