Nota Baloyi BeritaNota Baloyi opens up on his relationship with Berita (Image Credit: Twitter: @ChrisExcel102)

“We Only Speak When She Needs Money”: Nota Baloyi Breaks Silence On Berita Relationship After Being Spotted with New Companion

South African rapper and music executive Nota Baloyi has opened up about his relationship with his estranged wife Berita following recent rumors of a new romance.

A video of Nota Baloyi with a young woman named Azanian Doll recently circulated on social media, causing widespread speculation that the rapper has moved on from his marriage to Zimbabwean singer Berita.

The video sent the internet into a frenzy and many assumed that the end of Nota Baloyi’s marriage to Berita had been officially confirmed.

Contrary to the common belief that they are divorced, Nota Baloyi told Zimoja that he is still very happily married to Berita.

“We are still very happily married. She did not ask for a divorce. I did not file for divorce, and we talk often,”Nota Baloyi said.

Nota Baloyi went on to reveal that they are living happily apart. He claims that he only speaks with Berita when she needs money or when she is jealous.

“We are happily living apart. It gives me peace. We only speak when she is jealous and when she needs money. I have not even introduced her to Azanian Doll I know she will be jealous.”

Nota Baloyi stated that he has yet to introduce Azanian Doll to Berita, but he expects his estranged wife to feel jealous. He added that he is still figuring things out with Azanian Doll and wants to keep his personal life private.

Nota Baloyi Berita
Nota Baloyi with Berita (Image Credit: The South African/Zimoja)

He went on to throw shade at Berita claiming that she is a jealous narcissist. Nota said that Berita doesn’t like to see him working with other female artists.

“She is already a jealous narcissist. My wife has never liked me assisting female artists because she gets jealous of them. I have never cheated or given her a reason to be jealous but she, like all artists is a narcissist.”

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