Shebeshxt Undergoes Multiple Surgeries After Tragic Accident: Family Provides Health UpdateShebeshxt Undergoes Multiple Surgeries After Tragic Accident: Family Provides Health Update (Image Credit: Facebook)

Resurfaced Prophecy: Prophetess’ Chilling Warning for Shebeshxt Revisited

A chilling old video of a prophetess warning Shebeshxt has resurfaced on social media following the tragic accident he was recently involved in.

Tragic Accident: Shebeshxt’s Car Collision Claims Daughter’s Life

Shebeshxt was involved in a fatal accident on the R37 road near Smelters Mine in Limpopo on Saturday night when his car collided with a truck.

Tragically, his nine-year-old daughter died in the accident. Shebeshxt and his girlfriend Hope survived.

Video of Prophetess’s Warning to Shebeshxt Gains Attention

In light of the tragic accident, a video of a prophetess warning Shebeshxt in January about impending danger has surfaced on social media.

The video footage of the prophetess was shared on  X by a popular social user @Am_Blujay.

Prophetess' Chilling Warning for Shebeshxt Revisited
Prophetess’ Chilling Warning for Shebeshxt Revisited (Image Credit: Facebook)

In the video, the prophetess reveals that Shebeshxt’s life is in danger and calls on those close to him to warn and protect him at all costs.

Shebeshxt’s crew, please, you guys are benefitting from him being on the stage, out there, amongst the people and all that. That young man’s life is in danger, do something. He is not safe. People love him, but others don’t. 

She added that Shebeshxt needs protection on stage. She also claimed that he shouldn’t be driving himself.

That young man needs protection on stage. He shouldn’t even be driving himself. Shebeshxt is not safe, you people.”

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Watch the video below;

Repeated Warnings: Shebeshxt’s Encounters with Sangomas and Prophets

Meanwhile, this is not the first warning Shebeshxt has received. Over the past months, various sangomas, psychics, and prophets have alerted him to impending dangers.

In January 2024, a sangoma advised Shebeshxt to take extra precautions during his performances, stating that certain individuals wanted to kill him and that a girl would be the cause of his downfall.

The sangoma warned that a girl might offer him food laced with muthi or spiked drinks and even falsely accuse him of rape. He emphasized that Shebeshxt should only eat or drink food prepared by his baby mama, who travels with him to shows.

The sangoma also advised Shebeshxt to be especially vigilant during his performances in Polokwane, particularly at Sweetphops, where the incident might occur.

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